Briquetting machines for wood and biomass

Briquetting means recovery of valuable substances and heating fuels from the production waste by pressing the residue in special machines under very high working pressures in the range of 1,500 to 5,000 bar.
Briquetting of many substances requires no addition of binder additives.
The briquettes achieve their stable shape and properties exclusively through the application of very high pressure and of the corresponding quality of the residue.

The compression chamber method is characterized by its robustness and low susceptibility to interference. Due to the optimum efficiency of the hydraulic system, the electrical connection values, relative to the briquette performance, are quite low. For example, the energy requirement for wood briquettes is approx. 0.07 kW / kg.

The press runs surprisingly quiet and takes up very little space, so that a problem-free placement is possible almost everywhere.

If the material to be briquetted is fed automatically, no operator is required. The presses are designed for unmanned, automatic 24-hour operation.

The briquettes produced in our machines are evenly sized, hard-formed and extremely compacted, so that they reach almost the same density as the pure materials (e.g., wood, polystyrene, polyurethane). They require little storage capacity and can be efficiently collected, stacked and transported.

Through our many years of experience and a proven modular system, we are able to offer a solution optimized for your requirements.

In our pilot plant, we conduct briquetting experiments with different materials and determine the feasibility of new applications. Based on the test data, we are able to define new processes and design a corresponding production line, even for completely new applications or new materials.
In our pilot facilities, we can set and largely optimize processes up to 5000 kg / cm2 press force.

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